Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to watch Hulu without ads

There is a lot of really crappy advice out there to switch out your DNS so you have to sit through 30 seconds of silence while you don't watch Hulu ads. Three things about that advice that are stupid; 1 - your DNS is now altered for EVERYTHING you hit on the internet not just Hulu, 2 - the ads are almost always shorter than 30 seconds so you spend MORE time watching a black screen, and 3 - Hulu doesn't get ad revenue for showing you the ads, making it more likely Hulu goes out of business and we have to go back to trying to find some pirated version of the show that wants to give us a virus...

The real way to watch Hulu without commercials is to use XBMC and Blue Cop. It's a free media center program, orginally made for the XBox but now ported to everything.

So, XBMC is a *bit* hard to understand at first. This is because it's not a program designed to be used with a keyboard and mouse, it's to be used with a remote control. This design works well with a remote but takes a bit of getting used to with a keyboard. Just remember to use Esc and Backspace to back out of wherever you end up :). The other shortcut key you'll want for XBMC is the backslash ( \ ) above the Enter key. That changes from fullscreen to window mode.
  1. Download and install XBMC.
  2. While this is installing, download Blue Cop, you'll install it in a bit.
  3. Run XBMC. Go to System/Settings/Add-ons/Install from zip File. Navigate to where you downloaded Blue Cop. Choose bluecop and it will be unzipped and installed.
  4. Once that is done, enter Get Add-ons (in the Add-ons menu). Choose the Blue Cop Repository/Video Add-ons/Hulu. Choose to install it. This takes a bit of time because it will download the Hulu code.
  5. Once Hulu is installed, choose configure. Make all the commercial options ZERO (like the image). Now, the extension will pre-roll the ads for you, showing the ads as 'viewed' by Hulu's servers so they get credit for displaying the ad to the user (so Hulu gets paid) but you don't have to sit through them. You can also enter your Hulu login details so that you'll be able to see your queue. You can have it remove watched items from your queue if you want from here also.
  6. Now you have to make it so that you will have a way to choose Hulu from the home screen. Hit ESC or Backspace till you get to the home screen, then go to System. 
  7. Go to Appearance, on the Skin menu, click settings (2nd one down).
  8. Go to the Add-on section of the skin settings and under home page video submenu click the #1 slot and add in Hulu.
  9. Now you should see the Hulu logo on your home page. Enjoy.