Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New way to watch Ad Free!

So, the original way I posted to do this, Bluecop's Hulu add-on, seems to have died. Hulu has been switching the way they deliver their shows around a bit and there is not really any more active development on Bluecop. So, on to the next solution - USTV-VoD!

USTV-VoD (quite a mouthful) is an aggregator that has links to all the networks and the shows they have online. Using USTV-VoD points your XBMC at the network's shows on their webpages - almost all these show have zero commercials!

Note on setting your Favorites:
Once you've followed the instructions below to install USTV-VoD into XBMC you'll want to configure it with your favorite shows. I used my Hulu queue to figure out what networks my shows were on, then when I found the show just right click on it and Add to USTV-VOD favorites & right click again and Add to Favorites. Once it's in your favorites it's easy to find.

To figure out what network a show is on, click the show's image in your queue. Don't click the play button (click the green areas shown, not the red X).

Installing USTV-VoD 

This process is almost the same as installing Blue Cop, so if you'd followed the old method you're already a pro and this should be cake!
  1. Download and install XBMC.
  2. While this is installing, download USTV-VoD, you'll install it in a bit.
  3. Run XBMC. Go to System/Settings/Add-ons/Install from zip File. Navigate to where you downloaded USTV-VoD. Choose it ( and it will be unzipped and installed.
  4. Once that is done, enter Get Add-ons (in the Add-ons menu). Choose the xbmcplus Add-on Repository (if nothing shows, right click and choose "Check for updates". Then right click and choose "Force refresh") Choose Video Add-ons. Choose USTV-VoD - click Install. This can take a bit of time b/c it'll download the extension from the repository.
  5. Now you have to make it so that you will have a way to choose USTV-VoD from the home screen. Hit ESC or Backspace till you get to the home screen, then go to System. 
  6. Go to Appearance, on the Skin menu, click settings (2nd one down).
  7. Go to the Add-on section of the skin settings and under home page video submenu click the #1(in my example I used #3) slot and add in USTV-VoD 

  8. Now you should see the USTV-VoD logo on your home page. Enjoy.


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